Robo-dentures V2

Version 2 of the remotely controlled clattering teeth. This was another attempt at understanding how animatronics work, it was pretty fun. The eyes could sorta move in X and Y direction, and the teeth still went up and down making a better attempt than V1, albeit still very basic (especially considering it was build with pop-sickle sticks haha)


One of the goals of my PhD was to construct some sort of database with all the results we generated. Unfortunately due to all sorts of logistical and bureaucratic reasons, plus a lack of interest of anyone to actually help i just settled to create a now forgotten Tableau public infographic. It’s a semi-interactive overview …

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Sequencing read analysis

Ever wondered how to assess the quality of your NGS data? But get confused about all the fancy tools? Well how about i told you you can assess a lot of problems before even looking at the mapping yet, just by extracting some basic coverage data from BAM files, and extracting the number of reads per sample.