Updated 09-12-2022


Mark R. H. Hurst, Amy Beattie, Aurelie Laugraud, Richard Townsend, Lesley Sitter, Chikako van Koten, Lincoln Harper (2021). Identification of Diverse Toxin Complex Clusters and an eCIS Variant in Serratia proteamaculans Pathovars of the New Zealand Grass Grub (Costelytra Giveni) and Manuka Beetle (Pyronota Spp.) Larvae. Microbiology Spectrum. 9(2):e01123-21. DOI: 10.1128/Spectrum.01123-21 [article][pubmed]

Thomas L. Sitter, Amy L. Vaughan, Marion Schoof, Simon A. Jackson, Travis R. Glare, Murray P. Cox, Peter C. Fineran, Paul P. Gardner, Mark R. H. Hurst (2021). Evolution of virulence in a novel family of transmissible mega-plasmids. Environmental microbiology. 23(9):5289-5304. Special Issue on Pathogen and Antibiotic Resistance Ecology. DOI: 10.1111/1462-2920.15595 [article][pubmed]


Thomas L. Sitter (2020). Evolutionary divergence of the insect disease-encoding Serratia plasmid pADAP. [Doctoral dissertation, Lincoln University New Zealand]. DOI: 10.25400/lincolnuninz.12736217.v1


Poster presentation at ECCB 2018 in Athens, Greece

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